Date Night

Sorry it’s been a few days! Last night Brian and I had an impromptu date night to the new Alamo Drafthouse that is literally 2 minutes from our house. SO EXCITING. It was a soft opening with discounted tickets and food, so we saw Game Night and had dinner/drinks. We are thrilled to have this so close!

Attempted a selfie in front of the Alamo sign. Fail.

I am DYING from a leg workout at the gym on Tuesday. The cardio consisted of 22 minutes of jumping. Jump squats, jumping lunges, plyo, plyo, plyo… and then Wednesday we had another 22 minutes of squats on the TRX. No. Bueno. Since I can barely make it up and down our stairs without crying, I took the day off. Did a little shopping, met friends for lunch, then headed to the school. Every year our school does a big basketball tournament fundraiser, and they have a pep rally on Thursday afternoon to kick it off. Brian signed up for the dads’ 3-point shootout so I went up there to cheer him on.

Jack had a scouts meeting tonight, so I fed the kids a quick dinner and then threw some of these in the oven for us (because my kids are crazy and would never touch shrimp):

Costco find! I wish they were cheaper, but the shrimp are actually pretty big so I guess it’s a decent deal (I think the box was $26) for an occasional splurge. They’re stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos and wrapped in bacon. Great for keto/low carb! I just baked them in the oven for about 22 minutes and they were perfect. Served with roasted asparagus (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with seasoned salt and parmesan):

I just started reading The Great Alone and literally cannot put it down. I’m only about halfway through it but now I really want to go to Alaska.

Have a great weekend!

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