Dinner Break

I’ve talked about the retail popping up around our neighborhood and how thrilled I am to finally have some good stores and restaurants nearby. We’ve lived in Lake Highlands for ten years, and for the majority of that time we had NOTHING. Wal-Mart Grocery couldn’t even hang. Now in 5 minutes I can be at Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Alamo Drafthouse, Tacodeli, Resident Taqueria, and soon my all-time fave, Taco Joint! I see a taco theme there…

The most recent addition is Unleavened, which has been a go-to for a while thanks to their free kids meals EVERY NIGHT. In case you don’t have kids: feeding them is stupid expensive. And particularly painful when you pay for the meal, only to have the kid refuse to eat anything but french fries 99.9% of the time. Not that I would know.

Anyway, we love Unleavened, but until recently the closest location was about 20 minutes away- not ideal for a quick weeknight dinner. But NOW there’s one less than 5 minutes from our house! We’ve been there twice since they opened a couple of weeks ago. Their kids’ meals are legit. Isla gets the peanut butter and fresh strawberry wrap (and actually eats it, which is the true miracle here). Jack likes the grilled cheese wrap, and they are both obsessed with the Zapp’s chips that come on the side. I’ve tried to push the fruit option but so far no one is biting.

I get my order on greens instead of a wrap. In the past I’ve always ordered the Deep South (bourbon glazed pork, kale, pickled onions, horseradish pickles) but last week I got the Havana- which is similar but contains ham and cheese along with the pork:

I took the kids there tonight and tried the Clubhouse, which is officially my new fave. The turkey is really good (in-house roasted, not cold chunks of deli turkey). I added pickled onions, too.

Anyway, go give it a try if you’re in the area! This isn’t sponsored or anything- I just love the restaurant and want it to do well… and maybe some of you get equally as excited about free kids meals?

This week is both dragging and flying by. The kids have a half day on Thursday and are off Friday and Monday, too- so trying to be productive before they’re home for four+ days.

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