Wednesday Roast

It feels like Friday! Anyone else? The kids have a *few* hours of school tomorrow (really, what’s the point??) and then they’re off until Tuesday.

I told myself that once I got home from the gym today, I was going to spend all day cleaning the house… because it has gotten BAD since spring break. I didn’t even make it upstairs. Sigh. I did manage to get dinner in the crock pot though! So there’s that!

Another Mississippi Pot Roast:

I’m sure everyone has made this already. It’s all over Pinterest. But it’s just so easy and delicious- Jack, Brian and I love it. You brown the roast in a skillet, transfer the meat to the slow cooker, then sprinkle with ranch dressing mix and onion soup mix. Top with a stick of butter (I used unsalted, not the one in the pic) and about 10 peperoncini peppers. I also pour a little of the pepper brine into the crock pot. The recipe says to cook on low, but I was short on time so did 6 hours on high instead. Shred the meat, let it hang out in the gravy for few minutes, then serve!

If you’re not avoiding carbs, this would be GREAT over mashed potatoes or on slider buns. We had ours with a side of cauliflower puree and roasted asparagus:

Ok that’s all I’ve got. Oh, I need a new book! I finished The Great Alone last week and it was amazing. The best book I’ve read in a long, long time… so good that I feel like whatever I read next is going to be a big bummer because there’s no way it can measure up. I almost bought Educated at Costco yesterday but it actually sounded like a nonfiction version of what I just finished. Any recommendations??

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  1. Gina says:

    Save the Great alone for me.

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