Banana Baking

This afternoon Jack had a friend come over after school, which meant that I had to get creative in figuring how to keep little sister entertained. Jack is so good about playing with her- and vice versa, honestly- that she just assumes when he has a play date, she’s included too. Today, though, Jack and his buddy were hard at work on one of their comic books (they’ve written several) so I wanted to give them a little space.

SO. We painted, watched TV, then pulled out this Trader Joe’s banana bread mix that I grabbed on a whim yesterday:

The mix just calls for eggs, oil, and water… but the instructions say to feel free to add in any extras. So we added one mashed banana to the wet ingredients, then stirred in about 1/2 cup chopped pecans and 1/2 cup chocolate chips to the batter at the end.

It turned out great! I usually make banana bread from scratch (because it’s honestly just really easy) but this is great to have around in a pinch.

Afternoon coffee…

… with the chef:

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! We have a couple of sign and go parties from our auction (moms’ margarita party on Friday night and crawfish boil on Saturday), soccer game on Saturday, then birthday parties Saturday and Sunday. Busy busy!

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