Hot Tamale

Hey hey! So can you say you “cooked dinner” when all you did was boil water on the stove and assemble a bagged salad mix? Let’s say yes.

Our crazy Tuesday was even crazier today. Isla had observation day at ballet where they get their recital costumes and perform for the moms. Her teacher had a lot of info to fill us in on about the recital, so class ran late… so we were late to soccer practice right after. And then on top of that Jack had a boy scout meeting tonight. I handed Jack off to Brian at soccer and then Isla and I headed home for dinner.

Spotted these tamales in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s the other day:

(Hi, Chloe.)

I ended up steaming a few for dinner tonight. I just put about an inch of water in a pan, placed a steamer basket on top, loaded it up with about 6 (frozen) tamales, then closed the lid and brought the water to a boil. Boiled for about 15 minutes and they were good to go!

Also threw this new-to-me salad together:

The salad was just ok. The dressing has a pretty strong orange flavor that I didn’t love. I definitely prefer the other TJ’s broccoli and kale slaw salad (the one with the dried cherries and sliced almonds).


So not exactly the fanciest, home-cooked meal, but we didn’t go out to dinner so I’m going to call it a win! Oh and the tamales are pretty good! They’re a little small but the flavor was great.

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