Slumber Party

Hey hey! Happy Monday/Tuesday! We had a fun weekend. I chaperoned Jack’s class field trip to the Discovery Gardens on Friday. The kids were great, and they were total champs when we realized that the bus had left with a cooler filled with probably 12 of their lunch bags. All of the kids with food just started happily sharing their lunches with their food-less friends, chaperones were pulling random granola bars and snacks out of their purses- it was definitely a team effort (eventually a couple of us moms ended up making a super quick run to McDonald’s for happy meals). Never a dull moment with those 2nd graders!

Brian started painting Isla’s room this weekend, which makes me SO HAPPY. When we moved in it was this crazy, bright lime green color, and we just hadn’t gotten around to painting over it. A month or so ago I fell in love with this gorgeous rug for her room- but it was NOT going to go with the green. So we finally got around to picking a paint color (Passive by Sherwin Williams). It’s about 2/3 finished and I looooove the color. It’s a light grey with cool undertones and is going to look so amazing with the rug. I’ll post pics when it’s all finished. In the meantime the kids have been loving their slumber parties in Jack’s room:

Actually, Isla’s loving it. Not sure about Jack… she may be wearing out her welcome.

Last night my mom threw a birthday dinner for my dad at their house. I saw this recipe for M&M chocolate chip pudding cookies on The BakerMama’s Instagram last week and figured this would be a good opportunity to give them a shot (and get them out of my house ASAP), since my dad loves chocolate chip cookies and M&M’s. They did not disappoint!

Ugh, just realized that it’s 10:30 and I still need to put sheets on our bed. THE WORST. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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