Pecan Crusted Salmon

Dinner tonight was SO GOOD. We don’t usually have anything on Wednesday afternoons so I can actually cook a real meal! Actually tonight I was going back and forth between cooking and helping Jack assemble his first communion banner. It took a little bit of effort not to just grab it and do the whole thing myself (glue! glitter! scissors!) but he ended up doing a great job… even if my kitchen table is now shellacked in glitter glue.

So, dinner. I made a honey mustard and pecan crusted salmon that was a combination of a recipe that Jen Hatmaker posted on Instagram a long time ago, and this recipe I found online. I don’t have exact measurements, but I mixed some brown deli mustard with a few glugs of honey in a small bowl. Then I spread a thick layer of the honey mustard over the salmon. For the crust I toasted a bunch of pecan halves in a skillet, threw them in the food processor, then pulsed a few times. I poured the pecans in a bowl and added a few shakes of smoked paprika, then sprinkled them on top of 4 salmon filets (pressing the pecans into the top of the fish). Baked at 375 for about 12-15 minutes.

SO SO GOOD. I may start keeping some toasted chopped pecans on hand just for this. Also, Trader Joe’s used to make the BEST sweet and spicy mustard but I can’t seem to find it anymore…? Has it been discontinued??

On the side we had roasted asparagus (super cheap and really fresh at Sam’s) that I tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan. Also a box of roasted garlic couscous, which Isla actually LIKED. What is happening?

Jack and Isla have a half day tomorrow and are off Friday. I’m not even sure why… those kids never go to school! Oh well, happy to kick off the weekend a little early.

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