Weekend o’ Isla

Hey heyyy! A couple of weeks ago when I made those bacon meatballs, I stuck the leftovers (probably half of the recipe) in the freezer. WHY DO I NOT DO THIS MORE OFTEN? Tonight I just thawed the meatballs and sauce, boiled some pasta, roasted a bunch of asparagus and dinner was DONE. Just toot-tooting my own horn here… though FYI they do freeze really well. I may make another batch of just the meatballs to keep in the freezer.

This weekend was full of big events. Brian took Jack on his last Adventure Guides camp out, so it was just us girls. Friday evening we went for pedicures and then picked up dinner at Roll N Go (her request- she loves their eggrolls and strawberry smoothies). On Saturday Isla had a soccer game and scored 3 goals!! She’s had a conflict for most of her games this season (which has been a huge bummer), so I was super excited for her to have such a great game. She demanded 3 scoops of ice cream- 1 per goal- but I talked her into a Barbie instead. Let me know if you’d like any more parenting tips…

(Also, check out that SASS)

Back at our school auction in February, we won a “time with teacher” experience with Isla’s kindergarten teachers. They ended up choosing a movie Saturday afternoon, so I rushed her from soccer over to the theater to meet up with her teachers and the other 3 kids. They watched a movie and then had a little Starbucks date after. She was SO excited- the lady on the left is her homeroom kinder teacher, and the one on the right is her science teacher this year and was also her preK teacher last year (and Jack’s preK teacher as well- she’s had to put up with the Bakers for a while!). We love them!

On Sunday Isla had her big dance recital. It’s a crazy day because her ballet studio does the rehearsal and recital on the same day. We had to be at SMU at 1:45 for the dress rehearsal, then went home for a minute, then back up there at 4. The theme was Once Upon A Time and her class was Heidi. They danced with little flower bouquets and it was adorable. I was a little nervous because this was the first year her teacher wasn’t on stage with them, but they did great!

Jack was SO TIRED from his camp out. He literally fell asleep during the performance and we had to wake him up to see Isla’s dance. Needless to say he looks really happy in all of the pics…

Happy Monday!

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