First Communion Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Jack’s first communion! His class was so cute in their white dresses & veils/dress shirts & ties. Brian and I got to sit with Jack and walk him up to the altar. He was SO nervous right beforehand but did a great job!

We had lunch and cake at our house with family right after… and then took a LONG nap.

Yesterday we took the kids to a skating party (Isla’s first time- that girl has no fear), then ended up grilling out for dinner because it was so gorgeous outside. Brian picked up a few teriyaki chicken kebabs at Sprouts, and we also threw on some Aidell’s pineapple-bacon chicken sausages from Costco.

For a veggie side I roasted a big pan of asparagus. I used Ina’s recipe but also sprinkled grated parm on top before putting the pan in the oven. Since Isla won’t eat the meat OR the asparagus, I also made a batch of Active Hip Momma’s Instant Pot mac and cheese. I use Barilla high protein pasta to try to up the nutrition a little bit (but she barely ate any of the mac and cheese anyway, sooooo you’re damned if you do…). Instead of heavy cream I always use a can of 2% evaporated milk, and for the cheese I use reduced fat sharp cheddar. IT IS SO GOOD. I don’t know what Isla’s problem is.

Does anyone else feel like school needs to just end already? Between teacher appreciation week, field day, free dress days, etc., etc., etc., (all this week, BTW), I am just DONE. Bring on summer!

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2 Responses to First Communion Weekend

  1. Lindsay says:

    I feel like I have been reading your blog for years and I honestly can’t believe your kiddos are old enough for first communions. I do feel your pain about Isla being such a picky eater. Does she have any foods that she WILL eat regularly? Does Jack or did Jack ever give you issues with eating? If so, how did you handle it?

    • heatherwlu says:

      Hi Lindsay! She really loves any carbs- bread, pasta (no sauce, just butter), pizza, mac and cheese. Also corn dogs and sometimes chicken nuggets. She’s pretty good about eating fruit, but the only vegetables I can get her to eat are carrots or edamame (if that even counts as a veggie?). Jack has always been a pretty good eater and likes to try new foods, but Isla has zero desire to try anything different. Sigh. It’s frustrating but our pediatrician hasn’t been too concerned since she gets a multivitamin and has always been steady on the growth curve. I really think it’s a control issue with her so I’m just waiting it out at this point and hoping she gets bored with the same foods over and over again.

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