The Classics

Are anyone else’s kids completely nuts right now? Mine were SO WILD this afternoon. Also I just found this report in Jack’s folder.

Who knew he was so interested in marine birds?? #boys

It’s pretty rare that I make the same dinner twice, which is good for blogging but bad because my kids probably can’t tell you their favorite home-cooked (by me) meal. Actually, Isla could (spoiler alert: NOTHING. She likes nothing). I’m trying to find the best versions of certain classics and I *think* I’ve found my favorite meatball recipe. I made it a few weeks ago: Real Simple’s spaghetti with bacon meatballs. It’s very, very easy to make. There aren’t a ton of ingredients, but the bacon gives them a ton of flavor. I also love that you cook them in just a few minutes under the broiler instead of having to brown them on the stove. My plan is to make a big batch, freeze them, then just throw them in the crockpot on busy days with some marinara. For now I’ve just broiled them and then put them in my Dutch oven with a jar of Victoria marinara, a jar of Rao’s marinara, and some sliced mushrooms. Simmer for half an hour or so and dinner is ready!

Served with caesar salad and super fancy Texas toast:

Happy Wednesday!

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