The Graduate

Well we officially have a kindergarten graduate!

Her program and graduation were so cute. She was nervous about performing, but they all did a great job! Then the entire class, along with teachers and parents, headed to the local splash park for a picnic and a surprise visit from the Kona Ice Truck. Such a fun way to end the year. And now poor Jack has to go for ONE HOUR tomorrow- mass and then to grab his report card. I was tempted to let him skip but he wants to be able to tell all of his friends and teachers bye for the summer.

Dinner was a repeat of that AMAZING cauliflower gnocchi and shrimp with lemon pesto that I made last week. It is seriously so, so good. This time I added a little white wine but otherwise kept everything the same (as in, I winged it again).

I’ve been to Trader Joe’s twice in the past week and they’ve been out of the cauliflower gnocchi both times. That makes me nervous because I’m officially addicted. They did, however, have 2 of my summer faves back in stock: coconut cold brew and pickle popcorn. Also the pink pomelo-grapefruit hand soap is ridiculously good (I bought 4 bottles), and the tangerine mango candle smells exactly like Capri Blue Volcano- but for $4 instead of $30. NICE.

Pretty excited about our summer *officially* starting at 9:30 tomorrow!

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