Stall Tactics and Phoning It In

Want to see what phoning it in looks like? This is what I brought to book club tonight.

It’s been a WEEK. With swim lessons in the AM, driving Jack wayyyy out to boy scout camp every afternoon, and just adjusting to everyone being home 24/7 (my house is a dumpster fire right now), we’re all pretty whipped. To be fair, Trader Joe’s informed me today that they are officially out of the pickle popcorn and won’t be getting any more until next year… SO that bag I squirreled away was really a hot commodity. I love you, book club.

I did cook today! I made a turkey vegetable soup in the Instant Pot this morning, and then late this afternoon I made The Bakermama’s 4-ingredient flourless chocolate chip banana bread. Mainly it was a stall tactic because I had all of the ingredients and didn’t feel like cleaning the kitchen (AGAIN… all these kids do is eat). It’s super simple- bananas, peanut butter and oats in the blender:

Then stir chocolate chips into the batter, pour into a loaf pan and bake.

I ended up baking it a lot longer than the recipe indicated- maybe 40 minutes? And even then I wasn’t positive that it was cooked through. I think it’s just a very *moist* (ugh, sorry) banana bread. But it tastes good! How could it not, with all of that PB and chocolate?

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