Summer Snack

Hey y’all! Quick post tonight. We just got back from the pool, the kids are in bed, and I’m hoping to get some reading done tonight (without falling asleep 3 pages in- which, honestly, is what usually happens).

New Costco find! I feel like a giant dork posting about cottage cheese, but seriously this stuff is SO GOOD.

I bought a case of it at Costco the other day for around $10. To be honest, I bought it because there were only a few left so I figured that it must be pretty good. And it is! Each cup is 150 cals and 18 grams of protein- so they are super filling.

I’ve been eating it with diced grape tomatoes, chopped green onions and sliced seedless persian cucumbers, then top the whole thing with TJ’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

Not a bad no-cook light lunch/snack… always looking for those in the summer!

We have a busy couple of days coming up- namely Miss Isla’s big 6th birthday party! Have a great weekend!

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