Mango Shrimp Salad

I have to say, I’m highly enjoying the 9-12 VBS schedule this week. This is basically our last planned activity for the summer (except for vacation) and it’s been nice having that little break in the mornings. The kids are having a blast, too- they’ve missed their friends (since school has been out for TWO WHOLE WEEKS).

We went swimming with friends yesterday afternoon and didn’t get home until late, so I needed something quick to throw together for dinner. Someone posted this combo on a “What’s For Dinner” Facebook page that I’m on, and thankfully I actually remembered to grab everything at Trader Joe’s the other day:

Tropical mango salad kit and frozen coconut shrimp. I’d tried the salad before and wasn’t a huge fan- I think the dressing has too much cilantro or something off-putting. But I decided to give it another shot with the shrimp.

The shrimp is great! It only takes 10 minutes in the oven and comes out super crispy. Love the coconut flavor, obviously. The salad wasn’t bad, but I think next time I’m going to try some kind of peanut dressing instead.

Any other quick summer meal ideas?? I’m all about simple these days- it’s already too hot to cook!

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