Lots of Firsts

It’s been a busy couple of days! Last night Jack had his first sleepover and he was SO EXCITED. Jack is normally so chill and laid-back, so it’s really cute to see him get worked up and excited. They had a blast- played video games, jumped on the trampoline, traded Pokemon cards, had a Nerf battle, typical boy stuff. This is such a fun age!

I’ve been wanting to check out Daiso for a while- it’s a Japanese dollar store located about 20 minutes from us. Most items in the store cost $1.50, though I saw a few things around $5. I was hunting for some travel items (toiletry bottles, toys for the plane, etc.) so the kids and I headed out there this morning.

The kids LOVED it. Isla brought some birthday money and walked out with a bunch of random treasures: a toy bow and arrow, an hourglass, sunglasses, candy and a cat greeting card for her “boyfriend” JP. Jack ended up with a fidget spinner (ugh) and candy. I grabbed a couple of toothbrushes for the kids and this haul:

I totally get sucked in by all the tiny cuteness. Like those kids’ chopsticks?? That panda is a travel pill container, then there’s a bottle of makeup brush cleaner (I usually use baby shampoo, but it was only $1.50 so what the heck), blotting papers, cute little terry headband with a bow, unicorn pencil case/makeup bag (WHY???), and cooling headache patches that I’m actually pretty excited to try.

Anyway, fun little field trip. They have the cutest stationery and office supplies, and lots of neat kitchen gadgets, too.

Also very exciting: we grabbed lunch at Five Guys after and Isla tried her first cheeseburger!!

This was completely her idea. I fully expected to order her a hot dog (which she also likely wouldn’t eat) but she asked for a cheeseburger with pickles. If you’ve read this for a while you know what an extremely picky eater she is. She only ate maybe 1/4 of the burger but said she liked it- so I call it a win!

I spent most of the afternoon packing for our Michigan trip, then at 6:00 realized that I probably needed to feed everybody. Luckily we had pasta in the pantry and leftover bacon meatballs in the freezer! I’m at that pre-vacation stage where I’m trying to clean everything out. The kids had their spaghetti with Trader Joe’s garlic naan, brussels sprouts (for Jack) and watermelon (for Isla). I just had mine topped with fresh basil- it’s really struggling in our garden right now- and parmesan:

Thank goodness for leftovers. It’s too hot to cook!

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