Quiche, Round 2

We’re back! The kids and I actually got back to Dallas late Thursday night. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of a drag and I’m ready to go right back to Michigan. I have about 45 loads of laundry to do, Brian’s working non-stop, it’s a billion degrees here… and the cherry on top? Poor old Chloe has a bladder infection, so I’m mopping up accidents 24/7 until the antibiotics kick in (48 hours, fingers crossed!).

Vacation was SO GREAT! I took a million pics and will get a post up ASAP! Unfortunately it’s already 10pm so that’s not happening tonight.

I did manage to make dinner tonight, so that’s something. A few weeks ago I made the three cheese quiche from the Magnolia Table cookbook, and we had a bunch of random cheese left over (and an extra pie crust in the freezer). So! I made it again.

Is quiche for dinner weird? Sometimes meat just doesn’t sound awesome in the summer (did I mention the forecast says 104-105 all week? ) and this just comes together so easily. This plus a salad = perfect summer dinner. I really need to try more recipes out of that cookbook!

I’ll get on that vacation post. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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One Response to Quiche, Round 2

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Heather,
    Any chance you’d be willing to share the 3 cheese quiche recipe? I am at home with my 3 (sick) kids today and am DEF not going out to buy the book today (omg no way) but would love the recipe (or at least the proportions of ingredients and I can wing the instructions).

    Thanks! Anna

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