Nintendo and Sushi

I feel like this summer we’ve done a lot more hanging out at home than in past years. When the kids were little it just seemed easier to get them out of the house, so we were always heading to an “activity”- open gym at the rec center, story time, parks, play dates, etc. But now that they’re so much better at occupying themselves, it’s nice not to be on the go all the time.

(That said, I do get the “What fun thing are we doing today?” question EVERY. DANG. DAY.)

Anyway, we’ve been hunkered down at home pretty much since we got home from vacation- until today, which felt super busy. This morning Jack had his 8 year check-up (only 7+ months late!), then this afternoon we met friends at the skating rink. On the way home my car said that it was 106 degrees out. Honestly when it’s that hot, even with the AC running full blast we’re all a big sweaty mess. The car just won’t cool off. So we came home, collapsed on the couch for a hot minute, then met my friend Joy and her sweet baby Sam for dinner. Busy, fun day!

Oh, last night was exciting! Yesterday morning I got a text from Amazon saying that they had classic Nintendo systems on the Treasure Truck. By the time I got in touch with Brian to see if he wanted one, they were sold out. Womp womp. But then at around 5:30pm I randomly checked again and there was one available! So we headed to Whole Foods to pick it up at the Treasure Truck:

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about some old school Nintendo.

After that we ended up grabbing dinner at Sushi Fork, a new spot off of Greenville on SMU Blvd. The schtick is you build-your-own sushi rolls, and they have these giant chopstick/fork hybrids. I was excited to try it because 1. they have a kids menu (with corn dogs for Isla), and 2. it’s reasonably priced sushi.

I was boring and ended up with a cali roll, salmon avocado roll and miso soup. Brian was more adventurous and made his own roll with tuna, avocado, mushroom… and a crushed Funyun topping. Love those cute plates with built in spots for soy sauce/wasabi and ginger.

Not bad! They also have sushi burritos on the menu, if you’re into those. Excited to have a new dinner option that everyone seemed to like!

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