Getting Out Of Dodge

On Friday I packed up the kids and headed to the lake because it’s literally just too hot to function right now. This was my car when we left Costco last week:

It’s not like it’s cooler at the lake, but at least there’s a pool… and it’s a change of scenery from being cooped up in this house all week. Also I looked at the calendar and realized it would really be our last weekend to go before SCHOOL STARTS. How is that possible??

Brian came down there on Friday after work, and my parents got there Saturday afternoon. We planned on heading back Sunday evening, but the kids and I ended up staying until late this (Monday) afternoon. It was so nice! Just lots of swimming, eating and hanging out.

Speaking of eating- this was our super easy Friday night dinner. We went a little crazy at Trader Joe’s on Thursday: rosemary ham, honey goat cheese, unexpected cheddar (fave!), turkey summer sausage, cornichons, dried cherries (from Michigan), pickled brussels sprouts (also from MI), fresh cherries, truffle Italian cheese, some type of soft blue cheese that almost tasted like brie, candied pecans, grapes, pistachios, grainy mustard, crisp bread, crackers and baguette. And rose, obviously.

Can you say perfect summer dinner?? The kids had pizza (though Isla kept snagging pickles and bread), and we barely made a dent in this… so I’m predicting a repeat at some point this week. And I’m not mad about it.

By the time we got home from the lake, it was after 5:00- so once Brian got home from work we grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant near our house. The place was basically empty so the kids decided to sit by themselves.

How cute are they? Three things: 1. we spent most of our meal eavesdropping on their conversation, 2. they act a million times better at a restaurant when we’re not sitting with them, and 3. Jack actually got Isla to try lasagna! And she LOVED it! So in conclusion we’re never eating together at a restaurant again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Getting Out Of Dodge

  1. Trisha Guyot says:

    Pickled Brussels sprouts?? Where did you get them in MI? I’m heading up north to Torch Lake tomorrow and need to get my hands on some of those!!

    • heatherwlu says:

      I actually bought them last year but hadn’t opened them yet! I bought them at the place where we picked strawberries- Kiteley Farms.

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