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Y’all, school starts TWO WEEKS from tomorrow. How is that possible?? Summer has flown by. I do think we’re all excited for school to start though (did I mention how the kids dumped an entire 32 oz water bottle between my car seats today?). I will miss them but it’s time

I was slow moving today. Brian and I stayed up until 1am cleaning out our huge but junked out front hall closet. It looks sooooo much better. Brian says he gives it 3 months before it’s destroyed again… but at least it looks good for now!

Anyway, I was so glad I remembered to go to Target last night to pick up the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. It’s a crock pot recipe that cooks for 8-10 hours (on high!) and there was no way I was dragging all of us to the store this AM. I’ve made this Andrea’s Pulled Pork recipe several times before. It’s super easy and makes a TON. You just throw a pork butt in the crock pot with a sliced onion (I quartered mine), pour 3 cups of Dr. Pepper on top, and cook on high for 8-10 hours. Then you remove the pork from the crock pot, drain the liquid and onions, add the meat back to the pot and shred with 2 forks. Mix with your favorite BBQ sauce and that’s it!

I usually use Stubb’s, but tonight I used half Stubb’s/half this mustard BBQ sauce that I found at Aldi:

I picked up some purple hull peas at a farm stand a couple of weeks ago, so I threw those in the Instant Pot (probably 2 cups of peas) with a smoked turkey leg (instead of a ham hock- Central Market sells them), 32 oz chicken broth, seasoned salt and pepper. Cooked on manual for 20 minutes and then let the pressure naturally release.

Also salad and Hawaiian rolls. I made Jack little sliders with the rolls and he LOVED them.

Oh and before I forget, if any of you are looking for ways to entertain your kids: check out the Art for Kids Hub channel on YouTube. It’s all of these cute little drawing tutorials. I kid you not, Isla spent 2.5 HOURS watching and drawing on Friday. By the end she had a giant stack of artwork, and she’s been begging to watch it again ever since.

Love that.

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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