Lemonade Stands and Lettuce Wraps

Busy week! Yesterday Isla and a few of the other first grade girls put on a lemonade stand. It was perfect because my kids have been begging to do a lemonade stand for basically years, but 1. our street barely has any traffic, and 2. I know that I’d work really hard to get the whole thing set up, and the kids would be over it in 5 minutes. Anyway, it went great! We had lots of customers, including 2 police officers and one of their kindergarten teachers, and they made close to $90- which they are planning to donate to the church on our first day of school. So cute!

Tonight we headed to the pool to meet up with some of the first and third grade families. The kids were SO excited to see their friends. I’m glad we still have a week+ of summer left, but I think they’re pumped to get back to their buddies (I’M not ready for the early wake-up though!!).

Last time I was at Costco they had these 3-packs of butter lettuce heads for a great price. I realized I hadn’t made the Damn Delicious chicken lettuce wraps in forever, so into the cart they went! It’s a super fast recipe- you brown ground chicken and add onion, diced water chestnuts, green onions and a sauce of hoisin sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sriracha. The whole thing is ready in like 15 minutes.

Served with steamed jasmine rice and these cute little cherry-plum hybrids from Trader Joe’s (Sprouts had them too). I’m addicted- they are so good.

I’m trying to catch up on Orange Is The New Black- I know the new season came out but I’m still on episode 10 of season 5. These kids need to go back to school so I get my TV back!

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