Ranch Weekend

Last week before school starts!! I’m trying to make this week as fun as possible for the kids… though we still need to finish birthday thank you notes (Isla) and a summer reading project (Jack). Today I took them to see Hotel Transylvania 3, which honestly wasn’t terrible! Love it when that happens.

We had such a fun weekend! Isla’s bestie, Molly, and her family invited us down to their ranch near Glen Rose. It was my first time to that area and it was beautiful!

We packed a lot of good stuff into the weekend- took the kids swimming, went on a little hike, saw a movie at the Brazos drive-in, did some shopping, played on the slip and slide, pet the horses (Jack was OBSESSED), ate BBQ, played board games, and ate lots of great food. Also my car died at the drive-in, so all 8 of us had to pile into one car on the way home, and Brian and Scott had to go save the day/replace my battery on Saturday (thanks guys!).

LOTS of pics…

They spent pretty much the whole weekend like this. Jack loves him some Abby and just toted her around like a little koala:

Isla and Molly, less than impressed by the dinosaur tracks:

Horses! Jack was in love, Isla wasn’t so sure.

One of many performances by these two.

Little besties:

Don’t mess with this gang…

I think the kids would have just moved in- they had a blast. Such a great way to end the summer!

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