Book Club and Brownies

***SO I definitely thought I posted this yesterday (Wednesday) but I apparently I never hit publish??? Anyway, here it is, a day late…***

Tonight is BOOK CLUB NIGHT! I’m super excited, considering that I missed last month (we were still in Michigan *sigh*), and I could really use a fun night out right now. Summer is wearing me down! I feel like all I do is referee sibling fights and prepare/clean up meals. Don’t even get me started on getting them to actually EAT the meals.

Here’s us at dinner last night. Isla is both refusing to eat her dinner and getting ready to kick Jack. #blessed

(Side note: if you’re local, Luna Grill on Walnut Hill has free kids meals on Tuesdays! Try the garlic sauce!)

This month we read Next Year in Havana, which was a perfect summer book- travel, love, suspense, history. All the things! I’m bringing a bottle of vinho verde (because it’s a million degrees out) and a batch of The Best Brownies in the World. I posted about these a while back. A friend passed along the recipe a couple of years ago, and I’ve probably made them 20 times since.

It’s a one bowl recipe- you melt butter and unsweetened chocolate on the stove, remove from heat, then stir in sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour, salt and chocolate chips. Pour into a parchment-lined pan and bake. The key is to use the best ingredients you can find- since there are so few, it makes a big difference. I use Guittard unsweetened chocolate, Nielsen-Massey vanilla bean paste (1 tsp) and Ghirardelli chocolate chips.

The best!

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