Easing Back Into It

Hey guys! Long time no post. I’ve honestly been dreading writing this, but wanted to give you guys a heads-up as to what’s been going on. On Tuesday the 14th Brian and I both drove the kids to school for their first day. We left around 7:30, took pics in the yard, then headed out. My parents came over the night before to bring the kids a back to school treat, and my mom accidentally left her keys at our house. Since she wouldn’t have a way to get back into our house to grab them, I stuck them in the mailbox as we were leaving for school and shot her a quick text to tell her where to find them.

Took the kids to school, walked them to their classes, stopped by the Welcome Back Breakfast for a cup of coffee, then Brian dropped me off at home and headed into work.

I walked in the front door and immediately noticed that the drawers were a little off on our front hall console table, like they had come off the runners and someone had closed them wrong. I chalked it up to the kids, sat down on the couch to watch the Today Show (since our TV was hijacked by Teen Titans and Rugrats all summer) and update my calendar. After about an hour I walked upstairs to grab something and noticed that our linen closet doors were open. Weird. Then as soon as I walked into our bedroom I knew that someone had been there. All 3 of my nightstand drawers were pulled open. I turned to my closet and immediately saw that all of my jewelry was gone. I have a stack of shoe racks, and on the top shelf I had a big metal tiered jewelry rack with earrings and bracelets, another ceramic tiered jewelry rack, a lucite box filled with stud earrings, and a small stand with perfumes. The two jewelry racks were GONE and the perfume stand been emptied. I also have a framed pinboard where I hang all of my necklaces, and that was emptied, too. All of my good purses were gone (they just left dust bags on the floor), at least 3 pairs of nice sunglasses, the perfume I keep in the bathroom was gone, and my big jewelry box where I kept my class rings, heirloom jewelry, watches and other sentimental jewelry was gone, too. Also my travel jewelry bag, which contained the mother’s necklace with the kids’ intials that Brian gave to me when Isla was born. I have a desk in my closet with random stuff in it, and they’d completely emptied one drawer that contained a bunch of bracelets and even the rosary my grandparents gifted me on my First Communion.

I panicked and called Brian and my parents, then the police. I could tell that they had gone through Jack’s drawers, closet and nightstand, too, which is particularly sickening. I found his wallet (already empty, thank goodness) tossed under his bed.

Downstairs I realized that they had taken both Brian’s computer and mine, as well as 2 old computers that we stored in a closet. Jack’s Nintendo Switch was gone, as well as both kids’ Kindle Fire tablets. Oddly my iPad was still sitting on the kitchen counter- I’m assuming that they figured it could possibly be tracked? A whole stack of video games was stolen, and unfortunately Isla’s kindergarten graduation and dance recital DVD’s were in the stack that they took, too.

Brian rushed home, my parents came over and the police showed up to take a report. Later that day an investigator came to take fingerprints, too. Oh and of course a locksmith to change allllll the locks. Basically someone was watching us as we left the house, saw us put the keys in the mailbox, and literally pulled right up to the mailbox a few minutes after we left to retrieve the keys and let themselves into our house. We NEVER leave keys in the mailbox, so the most unsettling part to me is knowing that someone was watching and then realizing how OFTEN people must be staked out looking for opportunities like this.

So. That’s what we’ve been dealing with. It really, really sucks- the sentimental stuff makes me sad, and the logistical stuff (little things like the fact that our Christmas card list was on my computer, plus obviously lots of photos and videos) just makes me really angry. Even my parents had to change all of their locks since they took my mom’s entire key ring. Our friends and neighbors have been amazing, stopping by to check on us, providing witness accounts of the car and doorbell camera footage (which caught the entire thing, so we do have some info), even bringing gifts for the kids. Speaking of the kids, they seemed more concerned with getting their stuff back than with the idea that a stranger was in the house. Thank goodness for that. I was so worried that they would feel unsafe but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So yeah. I barely slept last week but we’re slowly getting back on our feet. We finally replaced our computers so hopefully I’m now back to my (somewhat) regular blogging schedule. And we’ve been in contact with the detective, who has been very informative and helpful. I doubt we’ll get any of our stuff back but hoping that maybe they can catch these jerks so no one else has to go through the same thing. And we finally took inventory of everything that was stolen- which was a major gut punch, FIVE FREAKING PAGES of stuff!!- but hopefully that gets us on our way with filing with insurance and moving on.

That’s all I’ve got for now. On the upside, now that the kids are back in school I’ve been cooking a lot more! Things are slowly getting back to normal. School seems to be going really well… so just trying to settle back into our routine.

Hope the back to school business is going well for everyone! I’ve missed y’all!

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12 Responses to Easing Back Into It

  1. Donna says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter – just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear your story. You seem like such a lovely family and it is horrid that this has happened to you. Small in comparison but I lost two years of photos off a phone recently and that really hurt, and didn’t even involve a break in. So I can only imagine how sad you must have felt with all of the sentimental things you have lost, and the intrusion in your home. I hope you manage to get through it all soon and that life takes a better turn. Thank you for all the positivity you bring to the internet and lovely recipes which I often use!

    Donna, UK

  2. Donna says:

    *correct email added

  3. Susan says:

    i Just knew something was wrong in your world. i have been worried about you. wanted to reach… I am so sorry that happened. The world is now a place of always being on your guard.

    • heatherwlu says:

      Thanks Susan. I’m afraid you’re right :( Definitely learned a tough lesson- on the plus side, now we’re the proud owners of a doorbell camera!

    • heatherwlu says:

      Thanks Susan. I’m afraid you’re right about always being on your guard :( On the plus side, we’re not the proud owners of a doorbell camera (the kids new favorite toy, ha!)

  4. Valerie says:

    Hate this is the reason for your radio silence! I’m so so sorry! We bought a large safe at Costco a few years ago and its given me a lot of peace of mind for storing items like that.

    • heatherwlu says:

      Yes! We were just talking about getting a safe today. I don’t even really care about the valuables, but the sentimental/irreplaceable stuff kills me

      • Valerie says:

        It would be do. Glad you guys are safe and hoping you can sleep well at night! We’ve also been really pleased with our Ring Doorbell. This made me consider getting a Ring floodlight too…

        • Holly says:

          I am so, so sorry. Feeling sick to my stomach thinking about your loss and the way your family was violated. It’s just awful. I hope you can get back to feeling totally safe and at peace in your own home. (I came across your blog years ago and really enjoy following along and trying some of your recommended recipes.)

  5. Holly says:

    I am so, so sorry. Feeling sick to my stomach thinking about your loss and the way your family was violated. It’s just awful. I hope you can get back to feeling totally safe and at peace in your own home. (I came across your blog years ago and really enjoy following along and trying some of your recommended recipes.)

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