Comfort Food

Hey y’all! Thanks for all of the kind words yesterday and today- it means a lot. We’re doing much better this week and settling into our routine. The distraction of a new school year definitely helps!

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I’m still loving the Magnolia Table cookbook! Unsurprisingly (I love to eat my emotions lol) I’ve been craving all things comfort food lately, and this cookbook is coming through in a big way.

Yesterday I made Jo’s chocolate chip cookies. You can actually find the recipe here. I’ve been baking more lately because for some reason I like the idea of the kids having homemade treats… because let’s be honest, they’re eating sweets either way. For some reason I just feel better about them having a chocolate chip cookie that I made, rather than diving into the candy stash. Also desserts are the only thing I make that they actually get excited about. Everything else they either tolerate (Jack) or flat-out reject (Isla).

ANYWAY. The cookies are super simple. They’re made with purely brown sugar, which gives you a really soft, chewy cookie. No weird ingredients; I actually had everything on hand to make them. This is a great basic chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Tonight I made another Magnolia recipe for dinner. It’s called Dedication Casserole, and unfortunately I can’t find the recipe online anywhere. But it’s kind of a twist on chicken and rice. You mix shredded rotisserie chicken with wild rice, marinated artichoke hearts, diced water chestnuts, cream cheese and tarragon.

You top the whole thing with shredded cheddar and bake for around 30 minutes. It makes A TON. Next time I’m going to split the recipe into two 8×8 pans and freeze one.

I loved it! Brian didn’t like the water chestnuts but I thought it gave it a nice crunch. Not the prettiest dish… oh well.

This year Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are our busy days- soccer, soccer and ballet. But I guess it’s nice to get everything done at the beginning of the week? Right now I’m stockpiling crock pot and freezer meal ideas since we’re not usually home until after 7. Would love any suggestions!

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  1. Valerie says:

    I’m going to leave you two recipes that I’m dying over right now!

    Chicken Florentine casserole:

    Sausage & Cream Cheese quiche: or this one too:

    I live for the sausage & cream cheese!!! You can totally make it low carb by omitting the crust. YUM.

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