Spicy Brussels

Y’all, is it a full moon??? My kids are CRAZY today. Getting in trouble at school, refusing to do homework, talking back. I’m don’t know if I’m dreading or looking forward to the long weekend…

We had the most random dinner tonight: leftover Instant Pot pot roast, chicken gyoza (Trader Joe’s), grapes… it was definitely a “clean out the fridge” meal. We also had a big bag of fresh brussels sprouts from Costco that needed to be used. I was initially planning to make these everything bagel seasoned brussels sprouts, but then I remembered bookmarking a recipe for crispy Asian brussels sprouts- a copy of the delicious sprouts they make at Uchi (a great sushi spot here in Dallas). Aaaaand we had all of the ingredients on hand! Win!

I ended up roasting the sprouts for 40 minutes, stirring and turning the pan at the halfway point. The sauce is made up of soy sauce (or fish sauce), maple syrup, lemon juice, Sriracha and garlic. I used 2 Tbs soy sauce and 1 Tbs fish sauce.

Once the sprouts are crispy, you just toss them with the reduced sauce:

Ok, so not pretty- but you know that the REALLY brown and crispy roasted veggies are the best.

I really liked them, but next time I’ll probably cut it down to 1 Tbs soy sauce and 1 Tbs fish sauce (it was really salty) and maybe add another Tbs of maple syrup? Just personal preference though! I didn’t serve these to the kids, but if you cut back on the Sriracha (or if your kids like spicy food) then I think it would be pretty kid-friendly. So much flavor! This sauce would be amazing as a salmon glaze, too.

Ok time to get these kids to bed. Hope everyone has a fun 3-day weekend!

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