Low Carb Burrito Bowls

It’s like 70 degrees here and I’m not mad about it! I’ve been trying to get back into running (slowwwwwly, so very slowly), and this morning was glorious. Last week it was close to 90 degrees and 90% humidity- I was dying. Today it felt like nothing and I managed to shave a full minute off my mile pace. I’m definitely easing into it with MANY walk breaks. Also majorly feeling my age (ouch) but it’s doing wonders for both my energy and mental health. There’s just something about getting outside for a workout- so cheesy and cliché, but true!

Yesterday I stumbled across a folder with a bunch of old recipes, including this one from way back when I did my first whole 30: Whole 30 burrito bowls. I ended up making it tonight, though I used ground turkey instead of beef, and I made the recipe very un-whole 30 by topping it with cheese and sour cream.

The base is sautéed veggies- broccoli slaw, onion, red pepper, celery and garlic. I also added a bunch of seasoned salt:

Then you top it with a mixture of meat, diced tomatoes, green chiles and spices. And if you’re me, also guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese and jalapenos.

It’s just a really easy weeknight dinner. You can make it all in one skillet, too. It’s pretty filling, though I did have a few of these Siete lime chips with it for crunch:

Hobbling off to bed now!

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