Fairy Tale Day

This week is flying! Today the first grade had their annual Fairy Tale Day. Each kid picks their favorite story and dresses like one of the characters, then turns in a “book report”  and gives an oral report to the class. Isla picked Hansel & Gretel for her story and came to school dressed as Gretel:

The kids were SO cute. Lots of little red riding hoods, gingerbread men and big bad wolves. First grade really is just the best year.

We had our usual Tuesday soccer practice yesterday (it feels like all we do is practice, since essentially all of our games have been rained out) until 7. Before practice I quickly threw together what is probably my most used recipe ever: Skinnytaste turkey chili taco soup. I’ve gushed about it before. It is so delicious and filling. I’ve made it on the stove, in the crock pot and in the Instant Pot and it always turns out perfect. Plus the leftovers are amazing!

Before practice I browned the ground turkey in the Instant Pot, added the onions and peppers, and let that all cook for a few minutes. Then I added the rest of the ingredients, set it to “soup” mode for 15 minutes, and then let it do it’s thang.

It was hot and ready to go once we got home!

Sometimes I switch out the taco seasoning for a tablespoon or two of Ranch dressing mix, just to give it a different flavor. Either way it’s really not spicy- I usually add hot sauce and maybe a few pickled jalapenos to mine.

We’re slowwwwly making our way through season 2 of Ozark. By the time we get the kids down, lunches made, kitchen cleaned, etc., we’re both exhausted. Hoping to catch one episode tonight!

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