Dinner Salad

Y’all, mama is TIRED. We had a conference with Isla’s teachers scheduled for 7:15 this morning, which meant that we all had to be up super early. We’re usually barely starting breakfast at 7:15 (and I’m never dressed/makeup-ed that early). Also Walgreens is out of my thyroid medication, so I haven’t been able to take it for the past 2 days and I. Am. Dragging. That 4:30pm coffee did nada. It’s supposed to be back in stock tomorrow, fingers crossed! Also, I’m old.

Luckily Thursday is our one activity-free day, so we had a pretty great, lazy afternoon. The kids watched a movie together on the iPad, and I read on the couch with the pug (currently reading The Wife, our October book club pick).

I bookmarked this Newporter Salad recipe a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it’s a copy of a salad from a local restaurant, R+D Kitchen. I’ve actually never eaten there, but the salad contained a whole bunch of my favorite things: dried cherries, sharp cheddar, glazed pecans, honeycrisp apples, bacon, rotisserie chicken, kale. The ingredient list is pretty darn long but it would be easy to prep all of the ingredients and dressing ahead of time.

This makes a LOT of salad. It says 2 entrée-sized salads, but we could have easily served 3 or 4.

Sorry, terrible lighting! It was storming out so the kitchen was really dark.

So, so good! I love how everything is chopped, so you get all the flavors in each bite. The dressing is great, too. I couldn’t find champagne vinegar so I substituted red wine vinegar instead. Brian doesn’t usually love vinaigrette dressings (CRAZY- give me all the vinegar!) but thanks to the honey, this one was mild enough for him. This is a substantial salad- lots of protein from the chicken, bacon, eggs and cheese. I could barely finish mine… and does that ever happen with salad??

Anyway, super good so give it a try!

We have a busy weekend of our (rescheduled) back to school pool party and soccer games, though it looks like we may be rained out of all of those. Happy almost Friday!

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