Bulgogi Bowls

Hey hey! Last night we had a work dinner for Brian, which was delicious (Ocean Prime) but we didn’t get home until almost 11. ON A MONDAY- who do we think we are??

Tonight we had soccer practice until 7, but I did manage to make dinner once we got home. My friend Beth recently recommended the beef bulgogi from Costco so I grabbed a package yesterday. It’s sold in the prepared foods section- raw meat and onions coated in a marinade, so you just toss it all in a skillet and cook until the meat is done. As per all things Costco, the package is huge. I think the one I bought was over 3 lbs and cost just under $20. I ended up dividing it in half and throwing one half in the freezer for another dinner.

Again, just heated a little oil in a skillet over medium-high, then dumped in the meat and onions. I probably cooked it for 15 minutes or so, stirring/flipping the beef a few times. for the sides I just microwaved a bag of jasmine rice and some broccoli florets, then made a little Korean bowl with the meat on top (sprinkled with green onions):

SO GOOD. That beef is amazing. Super tender and great flavor… and I’m pretty sure the leftovers would be fantastic, if we had any!

I’m sure this comes as a shock, but I’ve already stocked up on ALL the fall items at Trader Joe’s. They are killing it this year (honeycrisp apple candles??). Planning on trying a new offering for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll report back and let you know how it is!

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