Bring It, Fall!

Today. Was. GORGEOUS. I went for a run late this morning and temps were in the 60′s- hallelujah! I looked down at my watch a few times to see a sub-8:00 mile pace, which hasn’t happened in a loooooong time (and I definitely didn’t maintain that pace, but progress nonetheless). We also had a park date with my dad and the cousins after school, then the kids and I had dinner on the patio at Shady’s. Gotta take advantage before it’s in the 90′s again!

I mentioned that I’d stocked up on all the fall things at Trader Joe’s, and one brand new item for this year is the Autumnal Harvest Soup. I’m a huge fan of the Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce, which IMO tastes exactly like tomato basil soup. Weirdly the soup doesn’t taste like it at all…? It’s way more pumpkin-y. A sign at TJ’s recommended adding sausage to the soup, so I browned a package of chicken Italian sausage:

Then added about half of the sausage to the entire jar of soup and heated through.

It was… just ok. Not a huge fan of the soup (though still love the pasta sauce!). Brian said he felt like he was eating marinara with a spoon. Oh well!

Isla has her first Nutcracker rehearsal on Saturday. She auditioned a few weeks ago and found out Monday night that she was given the part of Clara’s attendant. The part doesn’t require any real “dancing” per se, but it’s a fun role because she’s on stage by herself with Clara, the Nutcracker lifts her up, and she gets to ride around the stage in a sleigh. So she’s pumped! She’s being talking about wanting to be in the Nutcracker since we went to the performance last year (her bestie Molly is in it this year, too). She’s also super excited about getting to rehearse with all of the “big girls.”

We also have a birthday dinner for my SIL on Friday and our neighborhood Oktoberfest on Saturday. Love these fall weekends! Unfortunately we got word today that the soccer fields are closed AGAIN this weekend (why???). These poor kids are never going to get to play a game!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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