Simple Sprout Salad

Hey heyyy. Still enjoying our week of no homework over here! It’s been great because Brian’s worked late the past few nights and I haven’t had to fight the usual evening homework battle. Nights have been a WHOLE lot less stressful!

On Friday we had dinner at Maggiano’s for my SIL’s birthday, and thanks to that “buy one, take one” deal they run, we ended up bringing home 2 huge orders of baked ziti and one lasagna (not to mention all of our leftovers). After soccer last night I ended up just heating one of the baked ziti’s and then throwing together a quick salad. I saw this brussels sprouts salad on Salty Lashes a few days ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it. The ingredients are crazy simple: shredded brussels sprouts, tomatoes, bacon, shaved parmesan, lemon juice and Caesar dressing. I left out the fresh jalapenos because I tend to only like them when they’re pickled.

For the bacon I used the microwaveable kind you get in a big bag at Costco. That stuff is a lifesaver! I bought it for the kids’ breakfasts but ended up using most of it for salad toppings and recipes. We usually only need a few strips and I hate cooking up a whole package (plus then the house smells like bacon for days).

ANYWAY. You just mix it all together. I went heavy on the lemon juice and light on the Caesar dressing. Also added lots of salt and fresh ground pepper.

So simple, but so good! Shredded brussels sprouts are a highly underrated salad green. They hold up to dressing and don’t get all soggy and sad. Big fan.

On an unrelated note- anyone listening to the Dr. Death podcast?? Holy moly. I started listening on my run yesterday and now I’m 4 episodes in. I followed that case a little when it went to trial, but this podcast is fascinating and terrifying. If you’re squeamish, maybe pass on this one- but it’s pretty crazy.

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