Monday Spaghetti Dinner

Happy Monday! Jack’s soccer practice was cancelled today (more rain) and I have to admit, I wasn’t too sad about it. A slower start to the week is a welcome change from our usual Monday-Wednesday craziness. The kids have a half day Thursday and are out of school on Friday, so yay for a short week!

This weekend was fairly low key. I was literally in bed by 10:30 both Friday and Saturday. Brian bought a seat at a Whiskey and Steak Dinner from an auction earlier this year. They ended up having the dinner on Friday, so the kids and I grabbed dinner with my parents while he was gone. On Saturday morning Brian and Isla headed out for the first Adventure Princess Campout of the year. Jack had a soccer game (finally!) on Saturday, then I took him and one of his friends to see Smallfoot Saturday night. Brian and Isla got home around lunchtime on Sunday, so we grabbed lunch together at East Hampton Sandwich Co., then my mom and I went to see A Star Is Born that afternoon. Holy moly. That movie was amazing but SO SAD. I already want to go see it again.

So there’s our weekend in a nutshell!

Our fridge and freezer are overflowing right now, and I’m trying to plan clean-out dinners to make some room. My mom gave us a bag of giant meatballs a while back, so tonight I made the easiest spaghetti and meatballs dinner ever. That is one meal that the kids will ALWAYS eat (Isla just eats plain pasta with butter, but it’s still one of her favorites).

Here’s what I used:

Frozen meatballs, Victoria marinara sauce (my fave- I stock up on the big jars when they go on sale at Costco), mushrooms, and some sad random veggies from the bottom of our produce drawer- celery and rainbow carrots.

I used the Instant Pot for the sauce. Sauteed the veggies in olive oil, then added a couple cloves of minced garlic. Placed the frozen meatballs on top of the veggies, added the mushrooms, then poured in the entire jar of marinara sauce. Cooked on manual for 6 minutes, then quick released the pressure.

Per usual, I served this on top of the Barilla Protein Plus pasta. Isla gets so little protein that I’ll sneak it in wherever I can!!

On the side: roasted brussels sprouts topped with Everything But The Bagel seasoning. It’s ridiculous how fast I tear through a jar of that stuff.

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