Weekend Recap

Hey hey! Well the rain has officially stopped (until Wednesday lol) and we finally had a soccer practice tonight! The sky was showing off, too:

Fall weekends are so fun. On Friday night we took the kids to a birthday party where everyone wore their Halloween costumes. This year we’re Wonder Woman… and a hot dog.

Jack lasted all of 5 minutes in that thing before he declared it too hot/uncomfortable and ditched it for the rest of the evening. Hopefully it’ll be cooler on Halloween!

Both kids had birthday parties on Saturday, and Isla passed out on the way home and slept for THREE hours. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. We met my parents for brunch on Sunday, then my mom and I shopped at a local fall market/craft fair Sunday afternoon. Jack had been begging to see the 2nd Harry Potter movie, so we ordered pizza Sunday evening, popped popcorn and had a movie night. It’s so fun that they’re getting to the ages where they actually enjoy some of our favorite movies.

That’s all I’ve got! We had a school spirit night at our local burger joint, so no cooking tonight!

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