Happy (late) Halloween! It was pretty iffy around here until about 7 last night- as in POURING rain. I honestly wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it out to trick or treat. But then the storms finally moved on and we had such a fun Halloween! My parents came over to hand out candy, and we took the kids to trick or treat around the neighborhood. Then we switched places after a few blocks and let them take the kids out while we handed out candy.

Wonder Woman and hot dog… and our skeleton friend that I really don’t want to pack away!

Soooo our school does a big All Saints Day parade for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders on November 1st. It’s cute but (let’s be honest) also kind of a beating the day after Halloween. This is the one and only year I’ll have both kids in saint costumes! Isla was Saint Joan of Arc and Jack was Saint Francis of Assisi (again).

I was a little concerned that Isla would stab someone with that flag, but no casualties from St. Joan! She was really annoyed that I wouldn’t let her bring a sword.

Brian’s just getting over some kind of cold virus and now I feel like I might be getting it. Heading to bed early tonight… have a great weekend!

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