Easy Monday Curry

Y’all, it’s COLD in TX! I spent most of the day getting stuff done around here (aka, putting the house back together after the weekend), and by the time I left to go get the kids at school, the temps were in the 30′s and dropping. I kind of love it.

Still enjoying our brief break from activities! Our weekends are super busy with makeup soccer games, Nutcracker rehearsals, and- starting this weekend- basketball practice. But at the moment, no evening activities during the week. Tonight I made yet another recipe from Lisa Allen’s Instastories (@lisa_allen), though I feel like I’ve made something really similar in the past. It’s a simple chicken veggie curry, using Trader Joe’s bottled red curry sauce, stir fry mix, chicken thighs, mushrooms and coconut milk.

I cut up the chicken thighs, seasoned with salt and pepper, and browned them in a little olive oil. Removed the chicken from the pan, then added the stir fry mix, mushrooms, and a couple minced garlic cloves. Once those were cooked, I added the chicken back to the pan, then poured in the bottle of red curry sauce, a can of light coconut milk, and the juice of one lime. Then I simmered for about 20ish minutes, until the sauce thickened a little.

Served with jasmine rice, and topped with cilantro and more lime juice.

This is really good!! The lime juice definitely makes it. It would be great with TJ’s frozen naan or even rice noodles. And you can swap out the chicken for whatever protein you like (or just do veggies). The curry isn’t spicy at all, so it’s a pretty kid-friendly recipe.

It’s not even 10 and I’m already in bed. That never happens, but I have a sinus headache and a tiny bit of a sore throat so I’m checking out early. Night!

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