The Trains at Northpark

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We braved both Costco and Target today to stock up on Thanksgiving supplies. They actually weren’t too crowded, though when we left Target around 4 it was starting to get crazy.

Still loving having the kids out of school. It’s so nice to just sleep in and relax. Both kids slept until after 9 this AM! We have had some fun outings, too. Met up with friends at the trampoline park yesterday and took them to an arcade birthday party last night. Today we met Brian for lunch at Haystack Burger.

On Monday the kids and I had the opportunity to check out one of our favorite local holiday events: The Trains at NorthPark. We’ve been taking the kids to this since Jack was a baby. Here he is mesmerized by the trains as a (barely) 2-year-old.

(Somebody hold me. I miss that sweet baby!)

The Trains at NorthPark benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas, and the display has raised more than 13 million dollars for RMHD since it first began 20 years ago! There are over 750 railcars on 1600 feet of track. The kids loved identifying local landmarks along the route, like the Perot Museum and the State Fair of Texas fairgrounds. They also got really excited about all of the interactive buttons along the bottom of the display (each button would turn on lights, open gates, move cars, activate a tug-of-war game, etc.).

It was really cute and such a fun holiday activity for all ages! You can find more info such as hours, ticket prices and even how to volunteer on their website here.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone has a cozy, relaxing day with their family and friends!

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