Winner Winner Easy Dinner

My goal tonight was to park it on the couch with a crappy/amazing Hallmark movie and address Christmas cards. Buuuuut despite paying for guaranteed rush delivery, the cards aren’t here (yet said they were “out for delivery” earlier today). You’re killing me, Shutterfly.

I found a new Instant Pot recipe this week! And it was a hit with 3:4 of us… the best odds I can hope for! It’s this really simple Instant Pot Goulash. It literally cooks for FOUR minutes in the IP, other than browning the meat and allowing the pot to come to pressure (so maybe 30 minutes total).

Also, it would be so easy to keep all of these ingredients on hand:

It’s a great weeknight dinner. I made it on Tuesday before basketball practice and then just kept it on warm until we were ready to eat. This is about the level of dinner difficulty I can handle right now… #lessthan2weekstilChristmas.

You brown the ground beef, garlic and onions, then pour in the remaining ingredients (diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, soy sauce, spices and pasta). Set to “manual” for 4 minutes, then quick release the pressure.

Served with parmesan:

It makes a ton. I’ve been eating the leftovers for lunch all week!

We have a fun weekend ahead- Christmas party tomorrow night, Prestonwood Christmas program on Sunday, then ornament exchange party that night. Saturday looks pretty low-key though, which is GREAT! Catch y’all Monday!

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  1. Gia says:

    That recipe looks awesome. Where did you get the garlic?

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