Christmas 2018

Well the kids head back to school tomorrow. This break FLEW by!! I’m sad to send them off in the morning (and back to homework, ew), but also really excited to get back into a routine AND get my house in some kind of order. We left on the 29th to drive to South Carolina and didn’t get home until late on the 5th, so allllll the Christmas stuff is still piled everywhere. It’s giving me major anxiety… plus I’ve been watching that Marie Kondo show on Netflix and want to throw away everything we own.

Christmas was fun! Brian had to work most of the day on Christmas Eve, but we headed to my parents’ house that evening for their annual family party. The kids had fun with all of their cousins (missing a few here!):

Christmas Day Santa haul:

See this giant LOL Surprise?

Here’s what it looked like 5 minutes later. OMG. And I’m pretty sure she still hasn’t finished opening it…

We headed to South Carolina a few days after Christmas to visit Brian’s family. It’s such a long drive (16 hours!!) but the kids- and Chloe- were total champs. They had fun hanging out with everyone, ringing in the New Year, visiting downtown Greenville, and playing with their cousin Samantha.

It was super rainy while we were there so they played a LOT of games (both board and video games). There were many Just Dance tournaments happening:

Panning for gold at Jack’s favorite store (rocks!) in Greenville:

Downtown just before it started pouring:

Matching PJs!

We took the kids to a jumping/climbing place on Friday. Jack and Samantha freaking me out:

So back to reality tomorrow! I actually cooked tonight for the first time in forever- I missed it! We’ll see how long that lasts, ha.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas break!

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