Instant Loss

We were slow-going at first this morning, but somehow everyone managed to rally and the kids were dressed, fed and ready for school by 7:25. Holla!

Not going to lie, the day flew by. I ended up going to 3 different grocery stores for various “necessities”- which is insanity, yet still felt like a vacation after almost 3 weeks of ZERO alone time. The kids had a good day at school. Isla is super pumped to have a new girl in her class. Her grade only has 30 kids (Jack’s has 50!), so new faces are very exciting. Basketball practice started back up for Jack today so we are just jumping right back into the routine!

I’ve followed Brittany Williams’ Instagram account, @instantloss, since right after I bought my Instant Pot. She has great, healthy recipes and actually lost 125 lbs using her Instant Pot to prepare meals. I bought her cookbook right after it was released but hadn’t had a chance to try any of the recipes. Last night I was at a loss as to what to make for dinner, so I flipped through the cookbook and came across one for creamy Tuscan chicken with sun-dried tomatoes. The recipe isn’t online but the gist is it’s chicken breast in a creamy (from coconut milk and parmesan) sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, onion and spinach. I added mushrooms as well.

You saute the chicken and onions for a few minutes, but the dish only cooks under pressure for 2 minutes.

Served over angel hair pasta:

(It tasted better than it looks, I promise.)

I thought it was really good! Definitely an easy weeknight dinner. It would be great over spaghetti squash if you’re going low-carb.

Ohhhhh I have so much laundry to catch up on. Probably should have done that today instead of driving to three grocery stores, eh?

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