Salisbury Steak Meatballs

Anyone else hooked on Dirty John on Bravo? I listened to the podcast a long time ago but only recently started watching the show. It’s so good and I love how true it is to the original story… though it’s making me stay up way too late.

Speaking of staying up way too late: BIRDBOX. Good lord. We watched it on Friday night, and were then up until 2am watching a John Mulaney comedy special so we could actually go to sleep. I don’t hate scary movies, but I like them more creepy than gory… and this was a little too much of the latter. It was well done but I don’t think either of us loved it.

(Apparently we’re watching a lot of TV lately.)

I was listening to an episode of the Forever35 podcast today while cleaning out the pantry (LIVING THE DREAM, PEOPLE) and they raved about this Skinnytaste recipe for Instant Pot Salisbury Steak Meatballs. It sounded like something that 3/4 of us would eat so I gave it a shot tonight:

Ingredients. I forgot to include an egg in the photo:

It’s a little more labor intensive than my ideal weeknight meal. Also, I don’t know what the deal was but I burned the hell out of the first batch of meatballs. Next time I’ll probably just broil them in the oven instead of browning them in the IP. It’s just easier and you can get them all done at once.

I had mine with mashed cauliflower. Brian and the kids (well, Jack) had theirs over pasta:

Not bad but not great either. Brian said he liked it but that it needed salt. Jack liked it. I was just meh. If you love Salisbury steak it might be worth a try!

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