When Dad’s Away

Ok so y’all are going to either think that I’m a genius for this or that I’ve lost my damn mind.

Last night Brian had a meeting, and since Jack’s basketball practice runs until 7:30, I usually feed the kids beforehand (crazy early). I had been thinking about this recipe- well, combination really- since I saw it a while back on the @traderjoeslist Instagram page. I knew Brian would want NO part in it, so last night was my opportunity!

Two words:



YES. I thought we had a Trader Joe’s cauliflower crust cheese pizza in our freezer, but apparently I was mistaken. So I grabbed this Caulipower pizza at Sprouts instead. These pickles might be my new obsession. They’re really not that spicy but the flavor is great- like the TJ’s spears (my fave) with a teeny kick.

This isn’t even a recipe. You literally just put the pickles on the pizza and bake it. The end.

Okay so no shocker here but I LOVED IT. Next time I’ll use the TJ’s pizza because the Caulipower sauce is super savory. I think a tiny bit of sweetness in the tomato sauce would have balanced out the salty pickles a little better. That’s my super scientific 2 cents. I did really like the Caulipower crust, though!!

Anyway, you should give it a try if you are a pickle freak like me… and then let me know what you think.

Back to a boring, non-pickled dinner tonight. Happy Wednesday!!

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One Response to When Dad’s Away

  1. susan H. says:

    you are a brave soul. i would have tried it with you. not sure i will ever make one for myself.

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