Weekend Recap

So I literally watched zero of the Superbowl, other than a few commercials and the halftime show (snooze). Obviously that didn’t stop me from making SNACKS. First up was Skinnytaste’s version of buffalo chicken dip. I couldn’t find any fat free sour cream, so I used Greek yogurt instead. I also baked it in the oven rather than using my slow cooker.

Super good! I love anything buffalo chicken and didn’t miss the extra cheese/sour cream at all. We used celery and carrots for dipping.

Next up was a chile con queso recipe that I found on Lisa Allen’s (@saltylashes) Instastories the other day. It’s ridiculously easy, and vegetarian! You just combine these 2 Trader Joe’s finds:

And then heat in the microwave for a few minutes. It was good! That Trader Joe’s queso is only like 15 calories per serving, which is crazy. Now I’m thinking of ways to use this to make some kind of Bob Armstrong-type dip (you TX people know what I’m talking about) with sour cream and guacamole.

We also had boiled shrimp, tortilla chips, corn dog nuggets (for the kids) and fruit.

It was an exciting weekend! On Friday morning Isla received the Christian Witness Award for Kindness during school mass. Every month they choose a different virtue (joy, peace, love, etc.) and the teachers pick one student per grade to receive the award. The principal emailed me on Wednesday to say that she’d won and it was SO HARD to keep it a secret. Luckily her class was singing at mass anyway so she didn’t think it was weird that Brian and I (and my parents) were there.

(It happened to be college shirt day, ha)

She was so excited! It hasn’t been the easiest year for her at school, so seeing her receive an award like this makes my mama heart really happy.

Isla had a basketball game on Saturday afternoon, then I took her shopping for a dress for the daddy-daughter dance while Brian and Jack did guy stuff (car shopping). I had a nice little peek into her teenage years. She kept telling me that dresses I picked out were “not to her liking.” What the what??? Luckily we compromised on one after hitting up at least 10 stores. Lord help me. Today was pretty lazy- lunch, ran to TJ’s, Jack’s basketball game, then home to “watch” the Superbowl.

Off to bed- I’ve been fighting off some cold-type thing for a week and keep losing my voice. Probably doesn’t help that we binged watched Friends From College last night and didn’t go to bed until after 1am. Oops.

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