Weekend Plans and Crock Pot Chili

It’s been a weird week! The kids had a half day yesterday (Wednesday), regular school day today, then they’re off tomorrow for Academic Fair. Jack’s competing in 3rd grade math at Academic Fair tomorrow, and Brian and Isla have a daddy-daughter dance tomorrow night.

EARLY Saturday morning, Brian and I are heading to New Hampshire for a little getaway. I’m super excited but it feels like we have a million things to do beforehand. It’s not like when they’re little and you just make sure they have diapers and clean PJ’s before handing them off. Now it’s typing up a schedule of all of their activities (because we’re basically a car service), gathering the basketball uniforms, buying and wrapping gifts for a birthday party on Saturday, laying out school uniforms for Monday and Tuesday, having the class Valentine cards ready to be signed, ensuring that all of the projects and homework due Monday are assembled, reserving a spot at the vet for sweet ol’ Chloe… plus packing myself (I’m terrible, but thank god we’re flying Southwest and I can check a bag without excessive side-eye from Brian).

OK so I thought I published the last entry on Sunday night, but then I checked the blog on Tuesday and apparently had never actually hit Publish…? Weird. The rest of the week I’ve been eating Superbowl leftovers and a really good crock pot chili that I made on Monday. I used this Skinnytaste 3 Bean Chili recipe as a guide, but the fact that it contained basically zero liquid freaked me out a little. To remedy that, I didn’t drain the tomatoes. I also added some Worcestershire, Liquid Smoke and about a Tbs of cocoa powder. I was ready to add some chicken broth if needed, but it ended up being just fine without it.

Ingredients (minus what I talked about above):

It’s definitely a THICK chili. I had mine topped with Greek yogurt and cheese, with some tortilla chips alongside:

We ate the leftovers for dinner last night and Brian had his Cincinatti-style over pasta. It would be great on a baked potato, too. My favorite chili recipe is still Love & Olive Oil’s pumpkin-turkey chili, but I like having a few options in my arsenal! You can make this one in the Instant Pot, but some days it’s nice to just get all the work done ahead of time… especially come the homework witching hour.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We get back late Tuesday night so probably won’t be updating for a while… but I’m sure I’ll have lots of (snowy!) pics for you!

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