New Hampshire Getaway

Happy Valentine’s Day! We just got back from a romantic dinner (HA) at Mariano’s with Jack and Isla. I got my Tex-Mex fix so I’m happy. Flowers are nice but chips and queso are better.

Our little getaway was fun! Brian and I headed to New Hampshire this weekend t0 stay at the Omni Mount Washington Resort. Neither of us had been that far up the east coast and we LOVED getting to see all of the snow. We actually had to book it out of there early on Tuesday in order to catch a flight out before the big snowstorm hit (we received notice by 8am that our 5:30 flight had already been cancelled).

It was so. cold. I would look down at my watch and it would say -2, and most of the time it stayed under 10 degrees. Needless to say I spent most of the visit cozied up in the resort , though Brian did venture out to go snowshoeing (while I was at the spa, ha).

A few pics. The hotel was beautiful! That’s a golf course out front in the summer months.

I lasted 5 seconds out here.

Next time we visit I want to ski. The slopes are basically right across the street. This was the back part of the resort where you can cross country ski and snowshoe. That first pic was the view from our room:

Love old hotels (especially when they just might be haunted).

So fun- I just wish we could have stayed longer!

Have a great weekend!

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