Baked Hummus and Book Club

One more day until SPRING BREAK! I think we’re all ready for it. Jack had a rough day at school and Isla needed a serious attitude adjustment during homework time. Hoping a week of sleeping in (please???) and a little break from homework/activities will get us back on track.

Last night was book club at my friend Kira’s. This month we chose Educated, which I actually read last year and loved- in case you need a good spring break book. I missed February book club so I was really excited to catch up with everyone!

I found the best, easiest appetizer EVER… and it came from the back of a bag of Crunchmaster crackers: baked hummus.

(Sorry- forgot to take a pic before digging in!)

You just spread hummus in the bottom of an 8×8 baking dish, sprinkle a bunch of feta cheese over the hummus, top that with chopped tomatoes and kalamata olives, then drizzle with olive oil and bake. I drizzled Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze over the top when it came out of the oven, and someone at book club suggested marinating the olives and tomatoes (or even using Trader Joe’s refrigerated bruschetta mix). Either way it’s REALLY GOOD. I used plain hummus, but garlic or olive hummus would be perfect, too. Brian hate hate hates olives and almost barfed when he walked into the house and smelled it baking- oh well, his loss.

I served it with crackers and sliced cucumbers for dipping, and I think cucumbers were the winner. Sliced red pepper would also work. Here’s our little app set up from last night:

Hope everyone has a great spring break!! Fingers crossed for nice weather!

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