Spring Break So Far

Happy Spring Break! It has been SO NICE having a little time away from school. I was thinking today how great the kids have been the past few days, and then I realized that might be because I haven’t had to nag them about getting dressed, homework, hurrying to get out the door for activities, etc. So apparently we just need to eliminate all responsibilities and obligations, then we’ll be golden…

I was worried about not having anything planned for spring break, but it’s been great. We’ve had a nice balance of fun activities and just being lazy at home. Saturday was gorgeous, so after a couple of birthday parties we met friends for dinner on the patio at La Duni Northpark and let the kids run around in the courtyard. Brian and I used to eat at La Duni all the time pre-kids, and I forgot how much I love that place. The pollo aljibe is one of my favorite meals ever (and the cuatro leches cake, obviously).

We had a lazy day Sunday, then met my parents for dinner that night at Campisi’s. Yesterday I took the kids to see the new LEGO Movie at Alamo, and today Owen and Stevie came over to play. The boys played video games and Isla treated Stevie like her little doll, literally:

My mom had hip replacement surgery on Monday. She’s sore but doing well, and they got her up to walk a couple of times today. I went up there by myself last night and then brought the kids up to visit today. Such great conversationalists I’m raising (they’re staring at the TV):

So I forgot to post our dinner the other night. I picked up these breaded chicken tenderloins at Trader Joe’s and used them to make an improvised chicken parmesan, along with cauliflower gnocchi on the side.

There’s really no recipe. I just baked the chicken, then spread some sauce over the top, sprinkled on cheese and put them under the broiler. That Rao’s Arrabiata is ridiculously good. It’s spicy, so I used a milder TJ’s tomato basil marinara on Jack’s chicken.

Served with roasted asparagus and broccoli. Easy peasy.

Off to watch Mrs. Maisel… we’re officially hooked…

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