Spring Break 2019, Con’t.

Hey hey- still loving our spring break around here! We just got back from dinner with friends at The Lot, and earlier today I took the kids to meet up with buddies at a trampoline park. We also made a Trader Joe’s run and played with some Christmas gifts that we hadn’t had a chance to set up (Osmo Creative Kit is SO CUTE- Isla is obsessed).

Yesterday I took the kids skating, which was a blast. I’m pretty sure nothing in that rink had been replaced since 1975- but we ended up running into friends there and the kids literally skated for two hours straight (until the rink closed and they kicked us out). They were a sweaty mess.

For dinner last night I ended up trying this Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp stir fry. It’s less than 200 calories for the entire bag. It says that there are 2.5 servings per bag, but that’s a serious stretch- I would say this makes one dinner-sized serving.

I followed the directions on the bag and added the entire seasoning packet (I’m pretty sure it’s just salt, pepper and garlic powder), then ended up adding a drizzle of TJ’s stir fry sauce on top.

It’s not bad, though again- not a ton of food. Luckily we had some jasmine rice and chicken-cilantro wontons on the side.

Planning to meet up with friends for lunch tomorrow and then take the kids to the lake for the weekend- gotta take advantage of are last few school-free days!

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