Gnocchi Hack

Happy Monday! Ugh, this weekend went too fast. We hit up the KC Fish Fry on Friday like the good Catholics we are. Isla had a 9am soccer game on Saturday, so we were all up early. Her team won AND she got a goal! Sadly Jack’s game was called due to weather just before they were scheduled to play at 11:45. Since we had an unexpected free afternoon, Brian and Isla went to look at cars, while Jack and I relaxed at home (okay, I took a nap) and then visited my parents.

Brian ended up coming home with a truck- which is exciting, but I was a tiny bit sad to say goodbye to our little Prius. It was the first car we bought together, how we brought both kids home from the hospital, etc. It was definitely time to trade it in… but she was a good car while we had her!

We spent most of Sunday cleaning out the garage. That’s always a total beat down but at least now we can fit both cars in there. I’m honestly not sure that’s ever happened before! And just in time too because the area got some pretty major weather last night (like baseball-sized hail). Thankfully we just had thunderstorms at our house, but we’re ready just in case. Or until we trash the garage again.

Okay, so not to be dramatic- but this is LIFE CHANGING. I love, love, love the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi and probably have 5 bags of it in our freezer right now. My only issue with it is that it can be tricky to cook. The instructions on the bag are garbage unless you like little gummy cauliflower balls, and I tend to burn the outside when I saute them in a skillet.




I’m not sure why I’m just figuring this out, but you can literally just throw them on a sheet pan and roast them in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes or so (stirring after about 10 minutes). The outside gets a little browned and the inside stays soft. They are PERFECT. I think I cooked mine for more like 25 minutes.

This was our super quick dinner last Thursday:

The Rao’s Arrabiata is my favorite, but it’s a little spicy for the kids so I went with the marinara this time. I just sliced and browned the chicken sausage in a skillet, then added the sauce and mushrooms. Jack and Isla had penne and Brian and I had the cauli gnocchi.

So easy. And honestly just as fast as cooking them in the skillet (without having to babysit the pan). I roasted that big pan of asparagus at the same time.

We have an early, early meeting at school tomorrow so I’m off to bed. Night!

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