Never A Dull Moment

Sorry for not posting yesterday; we had a little bit of drama (what else is new??). Isla was playing goalie before Jack’s soccer practice last night and took a ball to the wrist.  She’s generally a pretty tough cookie, so when she didn’t stop crying for a good 30 minutes- and her wrist was swelling- I was concerned she had a fracture. We ended up taking her to a pediatric urgent care for x-rays. The on call doctor didn’t see a break but sent the pics to the radiologist just to be safe, and since we wouldn’t get a report until today, she was sent home in a splint (which she was VERY excited about).

We received word today that there’s no break- likely just a sprain or some bruising! Which is great because OF COURSE this is also the week she’s taking swimming lessons:

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. The kids have a half day Thursday and are off Friday and Monday- ready for the break!

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