All The Things

Ugh, y’all… THIS WEEK. Makeup soccer games, projects, social studies test (that I thought was tomorrow but was actually today, whoops), spelling tests, reading test, something called “reader’s theater.” There is SO MUCH crammed into this short week. Also Isla has her dance rehearsal and recital on Sunday.

The projects are a beating- but have you ever seen a cuter Andy Warhol??

Tonight I made a super simple dinner (just for the grownups- remember, it’s Subway Day lol):

I planned on browning some ground turkey, but Sprouts had a much better deal on ground chicken breasts (why is their turkey so expensive??). So I just cooked a pound of chicken, then added three minced garlic cloves, some Italian seasoning, a can of drained mushrooms and a jar of Rao’s tomato basil. We had it over Banza chickpea pasta- which the kids hate but I think is pretty good! Lots of protein, too.

Not terribly exciting, but given the amount of homework/studying on the agenda tonight, simple was better.

Kids are finally in bed so I’m hoping to catch up on my book. Currently reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and it’s fascinating! I don’t read a ton of nonfiction but this one is really good.

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